Rigid Plastic Industrial Inkjet Printing & Coding Applications

You don’t have to look hard to find something made of rigid plastic. From lemonade pitchers and chip dip containers to pet food bowls, vitamin jars, shampoo bottles, and more, this hardy material has played a constant supporting role in our everyday lives for decades.

Ideal Printers for Industrial Inkjet Printing on Plastic Surfaces

Rigid plastic comes in many shapes, sizes, and substrates. Your specific printing needs may differ for a lightweight PET plastic versus a heavy-duty HDPE plastic—and the surface area you plan to cover also makes a difference. Our recommendations below for industrial inkjet printing on plastic can help you determine which solution may be right for your applications.

Glass Bottle Coding & Marking

Smooth, shiny, transparent, nonporous, recyclable. All of these qualities make glass bottles visually appealing and highly practical containers, but they also introduce significant challenges to the printing process.

Powerful Industrial Inkjet Printers for Glass Bottles

Whether you are printing on beverage bottles, cannabis product receptacles, or personal care product containers, we have printers and coders that can check all the boxes to ensure product integrity and satisfy tracking and traceability regulations.
Below, we’ve outlined our top recommendations for industrial inkjet printers for glass bottles.

Plastic PVC Pipe Marking & Coding

PVC pipes are the veins and arteries of the modern world, bringing trillions of gallons of clean water into our homes and yards every year and then carrying away the waste. Public health and safety depend on the strength and reliability of these pipes—and on swift, effective repairs in the rare event that they fail. This makes clear and durable PVC pipe marking and coding a critical necessity for manufacturers.

Coding plastic extrusions, however, is a complicated process that must take several important factors into account. Continuous production lines, in particular, typically involve harsh environmental conditions, such as high temperatures, vibrations, and humidity—and dust contamination can occur even in a relatively clean setting. The use of lubricating oils adds an additional challenge.
Finding the right printer and ink combination is, therefore, vital to success—and our experts here at Inkjet, Inc. are happy to help you discover the ideal pair for your production line’s specific needs.

Reliable Printers for PVC Pipe Marking & Coding

Production keeps going even when the going gets tough—and so should your printer. Our printers can print high-quality, high-contrast codes quickly and accurately with minimal downtime and maximum efficiency, even in harsh industrial settings.
For plastic PVC pipe marking and coding, consider the following:

Inkjet Printing on Plastic Bottles | Industrial Printer Applications

Plastic bottles pose some very particular challenges for printing and coding systems. The printing surface is curved, sometimes irregular, and possibly colored. The contents may even impact the printing process—some bottles will hold beverages like lemonade or milk, personal care products like body wash or shampoo, or chemicals such as cleaning products. Inkjet printer and ink combinations must be carefully selected to withstand the specific conditions of your production line.

Even the plastic itself may differ—from lightweight, flexible PET plastic to its sturdier cousin, HDPE. Even within the same factory, you may find that you need to switch often between printing on polystyrene and polycarbonate plastic resins, each of which requires a different approach.
Finding the right printer and ink combination for your production line is key to cutting costs while preserving the quality of labels and codes. InkJet, Inc. offers both printers and inks that are ideal for inkjet printing on plastic bottles, no matter what your business’s particular challenges may be.

Printers and Coders for Inkjet Printing on Plastic Bottles

How many plastic bottles are you printing on per day? How quickly do you need those marks and codes applied? Are you printing on recycled plastic? These kinds of questions need early answers if you are to find a printer that can reliably satisfy your printing needs without costing you more than you should reasonably expect to pay—in terms of upfront costs and upkeep.
Whether you’re working in a high-speed, high-volume production environment with extreme humidity and temperatures challenges or in a craft brewery with just a handful of employees and a tabletop conveyor pushing out just a few dozen bottles per hour, you need a robust printer that can minimize downtime and maximize both printing quality and efficiency.
Depending on your particular production environment, consider the following printer options: