Videojet DataFlex Plus

Videojet DataFlex Plus
Thermal Transfer Overprinter


Printhead 55mm or 110mm, 300dpi (12 dot/mm)
Print Area 53mm Unit
Intermittent Printing Mode
2.1”(53mm)  wide x 3.0”(75mm) long
Continuous  Printing Mode
2.1”(53mm)  wide x 5.3”(135mm) long

107mm Unit
Intermittent Printing Mode
4.2”(107mm)  wide x 3.0”(75mm) long
Continuous  Printing Mode
4.2”(107mm)  wide x  7.9”(200mm) long
Minimum Print Speed 53mm/107mm Unit
Intermittent Printing Mode : 2.0 in./sec (50mm/sec)
Continuous Printing Mode : 1.6 in./sec (40 mm/sec)
Maximum Print Speed 53mm Unit
Intermittent & Continuous Printing Mode
31.5 in./sec (800 mm/sec)

107mm Unit
Intermittent & Continuous Printing Mode
20.5 in./sec (520 mm/sec)
Operation Interface 8.4-inch TFT SVGA (800x600) full-color
LCD and touch screen
WYSIWYG print preview
Full on-board diagnostics
3 levels of password protection
Extensive language support
Ribbon Rang Full assortment of wax/resin and resin links
Maximum Ribbon Length 53 mm Unit 3,281 feet(1000 meters)
107mm Unit 1,969feet(600 meters)
Ribbon Widths 0.8”(20mm) min
4.3” (110mm) max
Printing Capabilities Full downloadable font support to Windows True Type (including multiple languages and Unicode support)
Fixed, variable and merged text fields
Flexible date/time formats
Flexible shift code formats
Auto best before date calculations and concession management
Auto incrementing/decrementing text, counters and bar codes
Multiple graphic formats supported (up to maximum print area)
Link fields to databases
Scalable text and text blocks
Bar Codes EAN8, EAN13, UPC-A, UPC-E, Code39, EAN128, Code128, ITF RSS (including 2D composite codes); others available upon request
Power Supply 90-264V
Air Supply 6 Bar. 90psi, uncontaminated 1.0ml/cycle (max)
Operating Temperature 5ºC-40ºC (41°F-104°F)
External Inputs 3 PNP inputs
External Output 2 relay outputs and 2 PNP+24V outputs
External Communications RS232, Ethernet, USB memory stick support, Binary and ASCLL comms protocols and Windows drovers
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