Videojet 6220

Videojet 6220
Thermal Transfer Overprinter


Printhead 32 mm, 300dpi(12dots/mm)
Print Area Right Hand : 32mm x38mm(13.”x1.5”)
Left Hand : 32mmx34mm (1.3”x1.35”)
Printing Modes Intermittent
Print Speed 50mm/sec. to 400mm/sec (2.0”/sec to 15.7”/sec)
Operator Interface 5.7” Color QVGA CSTN (240x320pixels) LCD and touch screen
WYSIWYG printing preview
On-board diagnostics
3 levels of password protection
Chinese language support
Ribbon Length Maximum 400 meters (437yds.) available in variety of grades
Ribbon Widths 22mm and 33mm (0.9” and 1.3”)
Image Design Management CLARiSOF Lite
Images are stored in printer’s memory (128MB capacity) and loaded via USB memory stick or RS232 interface
External Communications USB memory stick, RS232 (binary communications only)
External Outputs Fault, Warning, Busy, Printing
Air Supply 4-6 Bar, locally regulated
Power Supply 90-240 VAC 50/60Hz
Operating Temperature 5ºC-40ºC (41°F-104°F)
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